Frequently Asked Questions for Visitors

Q: When is Trail Days? Town-wide Yard Sale?

A: Trail Days is always the weekend after Mother’s Day, and the Town-wide yard sale is always the weekend before the Damascus Trail Days festival. For 2016, Trail Days will be May 12-15 and the Town-wide Yardsale will be on May 07th. Tip: Please check the Events calendar for information on all upcoming events and scheduled events during the year.

Q: Where do I park in town?

A: To visit local business, nearby street parking is available all over town and, there is additional parking on many side streets in town as well. For long-term parking, their are two larger lots located beside the Old Mill on the waterfront and by the Library. For more parking information, please see our Parking page for specific instructions.

Q: Where is the best place to stay in town if I’m visiting?

A: There are a variety of Vacation Rentals, B&Bs, and Hostels/Inns/Lodges in town, and if you would like to bring an RV, there are also RV parks with hook-ups right in town.  Browse under “STAY” on the Home Page for more information about the various options available. Tip: Be sure to give our Damascus Business Group members a look first!

Q: I want to bike the trail… where can I rent a bike in town?

A: There are a number of outfitters in town that provide bike rental and shuttle service to Whitetop and/or Abingdon. Visit our Biking page for their contact information. Tip: Many of these outfitters will even pair you up with a ticket for the Creeper Trail Zipline at Whitetop and will conveniently drop your bikes off at the bottom of the zipline.

Q: What are my dining options in town?

A: Damascus has a variety of excellent local restaurants! For listings, see our Dining & Drinks page for featured eateries, and our Damascus Business Group and Business Community pages for progressively more comprehensive lists of options.

Q: How do I get to the trail?

A: The Appalachian Trail? If you’re on Main Street, you’re on it! Tip: Follow the white blazes, you’ll either end up in Tennessee or West Virginia. The Creeper Trail? You will likely find the easiest way would be to use the big red train car in the Town Park as your point of reference and find it. Fun Fact: The caboose currently serves as office space for our AmeriCorps VISTA in the Summer. For a comprehensive list of all the trails Damascus and our surrounding area have to offer, and their locations, please consult our Hiking and/or Adventure pages.

Q: I’m planning to start hiking the Appalachian Trail in Damascus, how do I get to Damascus via public transportation?

A: The nearest Greyhound Bus Stations to Damascus are in Bristol, TN and Marion, VA. You may also be able to catch a District 3 transport bus; their schedule is available HERE.

Q: I’m hiking the Appalachian Trail, can I have mail sent to Damascus?

A: Yes, the Damascus Post Office holds mail for thru-hikers for an extended period. Visit our Post Office page for more information.

Q: Y’all put in my brick yet?

A: Brick? Oh! For all questions concerning the Community Pathways Project here in Damascus, please contact Jay Prevatt at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy — he’s the AmeriCorps volunteer who manages the project. Through this project, you may purchase personalized bricks that replace the existing sidewalk along Damascus Main Street that simultaneously functions as the Appalachian Trail. Tip: This project won’t be around forever, get your name on the Appalachian Trail! 

Q: When is the peak season for the changing Fall leaves?

A: The peak time to view the changing leaves here in Damascus is usually the second week in October, of course, weather conditions and other variables will affect the Fall leaves.

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