Information For Those Interested in Starting a Business in Damascus

For new entrepreneurs needing a space to start their businesses, or established businesses wishing to expand, please take a look at available spaces in the Damascus Shopping Center.

For additional resources, you may also be interested in the Damascus Market Study, completed in March of 2015 by Arnett Muldrow & Associates.

Entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to expand or reach a more regional clientele through their business plan, may be interested in the Mount Rogers Outdoor Recreation Economic Development Framework.

For information on all projects going on in the Town of Damascus, and access to plans that have been developed for or by the Town, please check out the RESOURCES tab on the HOME page. The Town has a Physical Improvements Master Plan developed by Hill Studio in 2015, and from this plan many of the Town’s projects originate. Since the Master Plan’s development in March 2015, the Town has secured over $1.1 million in grant funds alone!

The Town also has an excellent business community, the Damascus Business Group (DBG) that has it’s own page here on the website and offers many excellent benefits for being a member.

Click HERE for an article by Consumer Affairs that includes a step-by-step overview for applying for a business loan, and breaks down common terms used in the process.